New Name. New Design. New Stuff. The New Migoland Blast.

Migoland Blast. Amazing words! I’ve renamed the site “Migoland Blast”. You can still search MigoBook on Google, and we will pop up, but it will take a while for the new name to appear. I will be editing the site ALOT, and now, it has a ‘cute’ little icon thing! Hope you enjoy the new site, and tell everyone that it’s now Migoland Blast! I will be keeping the old MigoBook posts though, so don’t get confused.



About JustinBieber1998
Ay guys! Justin here.I'm a 'man'. I'm 16 and decided to go on Migoland. Yes, I know, your probably thinking, "OH MY GOD WHAT A BABY!" But it's a fun game... besides getting kicked, safe chat, and random people go up to u like, "WANNA DATE?". But you get used to it. I also love Duran Duran ;P. If your on this list I [heart] yew: JIMMY!!!!!!!!!!! Sammi Maddy Sam - Likes Turtles o_O Andy Kylie Jazzy GrAnNmAh Peace Matt Emery Lexi Jefery KC I made this site so everyone could be up to date with things in Migoland. We hope to make features such as adding your own Migoland pictures, adding friends and free chatting with eachother. Oh and make sure to use your Migoland name when you comment/talk, blah blah blah. Enjoy, and this site will get better everyday... hopefully. Peace. P.S.: THIS. IS. MB!

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